The Seadogs

The Seadogs are a group of performers (currently 16 in number) who perform nautical music and songs, with a healthy injection of comedy and theatrics. The musicians play a wide range of instruments, including banjo, flute, whistles, cello, guitar, and accordion, along with an entire group of talented singers who perform a wide range of seafaring music from old world shanties & work songs done in the traditional style, to more upbeat interpretations of classic sea-songs, to modern & original seafaring music.

  • 2005 – The Paddy West School of Seamanship
  • 2011 – Everyone Loves Singing Pirates
  • 2012 – Naughty and Nautical
  • 2014 – Shanty Hour
  • 2018- Spank the Monkey, Blow the Man & Other (Not) Child-Friendly Sailor Songs

The Seadogs website

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