The Jolly Rogers

The Jolly Rogers, a pirate-themed folk group from Kansas, was founded in 1991. Their high-energy performances include traditional sea shanties, humorous songs and improvisational skits.

The music of The Jolly Rogers is mostly carried by vocals, which in many songs are chorus pieces with some or all the members performing at one time for the duration of the song with an occasional solo. Many of their songs are accompanied by a guitar, especially at live performances, which keeps the rhythm of the song and adds a reinforcing rhythm. On album recordings, the band at times has guest performers who play other instruments, including a bodhran, flute, hammer, bones, fiddle, violin, banjo, bass, accordion, drums, and trumpet.

  • 1992 – Roll Me Hearties
  • 1997 – Pirate’s Gold
  • 2000 – Loose Cannons/Midnight Buffet
  • 2003 – X Marks the Spot
  • 2005 – Cutlass, Cannon & Curves
  • 2007 – No Refunds (live)
  • 2010 – SCORE
  • 2012 – Beg, Borrow & Steal
  • 2014 – Pirates Evermore
  • 2016 – XXV
  • 2020 – Shanty Time
  • 2020 – A Night At The Admiral Benbow Inn

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