The second book in the Pyrate Chronicles series.

Still awaiting his appointment with the hempen jig at Execution dock, the condemned pirate William Benton continues with the account of his past adventures on the pirate vessel Dream Chaser, commanded by the idealistic Captain Ironside. Although doubtful of the authenticity of some of the retold exploits, the young journalist Nathaniel Bagshaw is intrigued by the sea rover‘s incredible tales.

Meanwhile, after having survived an ordeal in the mysterious, war-torn kingdom of Holstein and a fateful encounter with the missing arch-pirate Henry Avery, the crew of Dream Chaser now find themselves in yet another unknown territory ruled by descendants of a long forgotten conquistador expedition. Their struggle for survival is hampered by the lust for gold and glory with loyalties being pushed to their very limits. The desperate crew become increasingly doubtful that they’ll achieve their goal of returning to the familiar waters of the Caribbean, but refuse to relinquish the hope they will one day reach home.

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