Honour and Betrayal

End of Empire Book 2: Honour and Betrayal

The second book in the End of Empire series by the same author under a different name with an original cover image done in pastels by my wife Mona.

After miraculously surviving the Vandal attack on Bonna and the treachery of his commanding officer, Calidus makes the difficult decision to rejoin the Army of Gaul, now led by the usurper Constantinus of Britannia. The decurion decides he is honour-bound to find the army and, in the sweltering summer of 407AD, sets out on a perilous journey to seek it out. Reaching the newly reorganized army proves no easy task in a land plagued by enemy warriors and bandits. On rejoining his unit, his troubles are not over. Once there he is confronted by some unsettling news, which causes him to once more fear for his life. In addition to these dangers, there are still battles to be fought to reclaim the ravaged region and re-establish control for the Empire in the lands once conquered by Julius Caesar. Caught up in a struggle for power which is overshadowed by the constant threat of betrayal, the Briton once again struggles for his own survival and of that of those dear to him.

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