Storm Seeker

Founded in 2013, this pirate band from Neuss and Düsseldorf in Germany plays hard hitting metal with both male and female vocals intertwined with the unusual sounds of hurdy-gurdy, accordion, and flutes, but they are also know to play some acoustic tunes. Their songs tell about pirates and life at sea sometimes sprinkled with a hint of pirate humour. Although hailing from Germany, their lyrics are in English.



Alestorm are a Scottish heavy metal band formed in Perth, Scotland in 2007. Their music is characterised by a pirate theme, and as a result, they have been dubbed a “pirate metal” band by many critics and their fanbase. The band refer to themselves as “True Scottish Pirate Metal” and are identifiable by the pirate-themed lyrics in their songs. Alestorm’s music utilizes the upbeat epic style of Scottish folk metal and power metal. Album recordings feature heavy use of real trumpets, trombones, accordion synths, fiddle, tin whistle, violins, vibraslaps, brass, keytars, played to singalong choruses to convey a pirate sea shanty feel.

The Dolmen

The Dolmen have released over 20 albums covering everything from traditional Celtic folk right through to electric rock. The band from Weymouth in the UK was founded by prolific singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Taloch Jameson in the 90s. The current line up are Taloch Jameson himself as the frontman, lead singer and guitarist, joined by Josh Elliott, lead guitarist & vocals, Connach Jameson on electric guitar, bass guitar & vocals and Lena M PaaK on bass guitar, vocals & Keyboards as well as Rob Van Barschot on drums.

The Pirates Charles

Hailing from Los Angeles, the Pirates Charles combines hard rock and metal with folk and sea shanties to create a bold and vibrant sound. Besides electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and drums, their songs included the use of a violin, flute, and mandolin to create an energetic sound. Their songs are about piracy, drinking and other maritime themes with a large dash of humour.