Pirate YouTube channels

Gold and Gunpowder

Gold and Gunpowder logoDetailed and comprehensive history videos on the Golden Age of Piracy (1630-1730). Numerous videos are available on all aspects of pirate life in that period. A must see for all serious pirate enthusiasts. Gold and Gunpowder also has its own Discord server, where these topics can be discussed in more detail.

Gold and Gun Powder on YouTube

The Pirates Port

The Pirates Port logoAn immersive journey into the captivating world of the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1730). Through meticulously researched videos, engaging narratives, and expert analysis, this channel brings the day-to-day existence of pirates during the Golden Age to life from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean to life.

The Pirates Port on YouTube

Walk the Plank

The Walk the Plank logoOver fifty short informative videos on all aspects of pirates and their way of life for those who lack the time for longer documentaries.

Walk the Plank on Youtube


History of Pirates

History of Pirates logoShort entertaining videos on a variety of topics concerning real and not so real pirates. They aslo offer a podcast called Patches and Rum exclusively to channel members.

History of Pirates on YouTube