Blood in the Snow

A book by the same author under a different name with an original cover done in pastels by my wife Mona. As invading Germanic tribes cross the frozen Rhine frontier in the bitter winter of 406AD, Calidus, a low-ranking officer leading a patrol of Roman cavalrymen, is caught unprepared by the ferocious onslaught. Forced to lead his men on an arduous journey to perceived safety, his world is no longer one of the glorious legions of old, but a harsh reality in which Roman traditions are in decline, a world in which the influence of the so-called uncivilized barbarians is developing an ever increasing hold on the long-established, but crumbling Empire. The escalating crisis causes Calidus to question his once firmly held beliefs, as he unwillingly finds himself embroiled in the political intrigues in a struggling border town on the Rhine frontier. His loyalties are torn as a struggle to find a balance between duty, honour and self-preservation ensues.

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