Pirate websites

There are many intesting and informative pirate related websites out there, but I’ve chosen to only post a few of the most popular and extensive sites here. You can find links to many of the other useful sites on the websites listed below.

Pirates and Privateers – The History of Maritime Piracy

A site devoted to the history of maritime piracy, privateering, and the sea before the Age of Steam. On this website you will find numerous, informative articles dealing with the history and culture of these topics from ancient times to the modern day. You can also find many interesting reviews of books related to the topic on this site.

Cindy Vallar’s Pirates and Privateers website

The Way of the Pirates

Here you can find everything you want to know about famous pirates and piracy! This site offers a basic introduction to the world of pirates, lots of accurate information about pirate history and legends, and reviews of pirate books, movies, and other fiction.

The Way of the Pirates website

Brethren of the Coast

A great pirate resource including types of ships and weapons used by sea rovers as well as sea shanties and a glossary of nautical terms. The site also deals with modern popular pirate culture, such as movies and games.

Brethren of the Coast website

Pirates of the Caribbean

This website (pirates.hegewisch.net) is dedicated to the Golden Age of Piracy, particularly in the Caribbean. The intent of the site is to educate and to give the emerging scholars of piracy a place to start their research on a most fascinating and colorful subject. It was one of the first pirate websirtes to appear on the Internet.

Pirates of the Caribbean website