Faustus Quiddington

Faustus Quiddington, surgeon of Dream ChaserThe forty-year-old scholar from London found himself aboard a pirate ship after fleeing England to escape creditors after a failed commercial venture, foolishly losing the money he had obtain through a considerable loan after investing it all in a cargo of indigo from India, which was seized by pirates. Never intending to become a sea rover, but to simply escape the debtors prison, his desire for new experiences and knowledge enabled him to surprisingly fit in with the pirate crew easier than he would have expected, and his medical skills and linguistic abilities made him a welcome addition to the crew, although at times his academic vocabulary could be too much for some of his shipmates.

“Of course I’ll tell you,” replied Faustus after he had chewed and swallowed the contents of his mouth. “Foolishness and inexperience on my part, I’m afraid. I took the advice of someone who I thought to be a friend and invested all my money in a cargo of indigo being brought to England from India.”
“What happened to it?” inquired the captain, suspecting the ship had been lost in a storm like so many others.
“It was seized by pirates operating out of Madagascar, Björn. Can you believe it?” uttered the surgeon. “I lost everything.”
“So you became one yourself?”
“Didn’t see any other option. It was either that or the debtors prison,” answered the unfortunate investor, wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his jacket. “If you can’t beat them, join them. Isn’t that what they say?”

Faustus Quiddington was a friendly, open-minded fellow, whose progressive views were welcomed by the idealistic Captain Ironside, although his liberal notions could sometimes be overwhelming for some of the more conservative members of the crew.

The vegetarian ship’s surgeon prided himself in maintaining the appearance of an intellectual, wearing his powdered wig at all times, even going as far as to wear spectacles although he had no need of them.

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