This German-language pirate folk band from Munich produce a wild mix of folk-rock, ska, and Balkan music. The eight band members play a variety of instruments including the flute, saxophone, rauschpfeife, and accordion.




Shipwreck Rats

Shipwreck Rats is a pirate speed folk band based in Berlin founded in the mid-2000s. They play fast and energetic traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, North America and all the other places they’ve plundered in their time. Guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass, and fiddle are among the instruments they play their music with. Although based in Germany the band consists of a multinational line-up consisting of members from the USA, Sweden, and Scotland.


Pyrates! are a sea shanty folk rock band who will take you on a musical excursion across the oceans themselves as they breathe new life back into sea shanties, traditional songs, old folk favourites and ballads whose origins have been forgotten and lost in time.