Alestorm are a Scottish heavy metal band formed in Perth, Scotland in 2007. Their music is characterised by a pirate theme, and as a result, they have been dubbed a “pirate metal” band by many critics and their fanbase. The band refer to themselves as “True Scottish Pirate Metal” and are identifiable by the pirate-themed lyrics in their songs. Alestorm’s music utilizes the upbeat epic style of Scottish folk metal and power metal. Album recordings feature heavy use of real trumpets, trombones, accordion synths, fiddle, tin whistle, violins, vibraslaps, brass, keytars, played to singalong choruses to convey a pirate sea shanty feel.

Topgallant Jack

The Cornish duo Topgallant Jack are singers of shanties, sea songs and Cornish songs. Their aim is to entertain by singing and keeping alive songs from the past and by writing and performing new material too. They arrange some of the traditional tunes in a slightly different way, whilst retaining the original flavour and meaning of the song.


The Skullduggers

The Skullduggers are a high energy pirate band. from Anaheim, USA. They entertain audiences with their unique arrangements of traditional sea shanties, forebitters and maritime classics. This quintet perform their lively music with traditional folk instruments: guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, and tabor.


This German-language pirate folk band from Munich produce a wild mix of folk-rock, ska, and Balkan music. The eight band members play a variety of instruments including the flute, saxophone, rauschpfeife, and accordion.




The Seadogs

The Seadogs are a group of performers (currently 16 in number) who perform nautical music and songs, with a healthy injection of comedy and theatrics. Several musicians playing a wide range of instruments, including banjo, flute, whistles, cello, guitar, and accordion, along with an entire group of talented singers who perform a wide range of seafaring music…from old world shanties & work songs done in the traditional style, to more upbeat interpretations of classic sea-songs, to modern & original seafaring music.